About Betlab

The platform was created to form full-fledged channels of online interaction with registered customers and increase their number. Also, this platform allows our clients to receive information about all the events of interest to them. The platform helps to work effectively with various types of research, marketing campaigns, and statistics and attract new potential customers.

Custom Software Development is rarely a project of starting from scratch. Rather, it's more like re-engineering an already existing product into something modern and useful for your business. While one of the primary tasks at BTB Betlab is still creating new systems, we also use our expertise to help clients improve their existing information technology infrastructure.

More about the N.T.S.H Products:

  • Trading Tools

    Do you want to create your own betting platform? Our platform allows you to create your own event wagering platform. We offer a variety of tools that enable you to trade events and place bets, as well as train your own algorithms using state-of-the-art technology.

  • Core

    The Event Wagering Platform includes multiple modules and the Core. The Core is responsible for registering Players, managing their accounts, and requests for replenishment of their accounts, or payment of funds that are then processed by the Payment Hub.

  • Backoffice

    The Back Office is an essential tool for managing your website. It contains all the interfaces you need to manage your components, such as adding and editing pages, e-commerce tools, or site security.

  • Front-end applications

    The Front-end module is an online application for users to interact with the online betting system. Users log onto the website and place bets, check their account balance and other data related to their Betting Account, or change their personal information.

  • Internal Data Warehouse

    The external data warehouse is used to accumulate and store data related to different aspects of the player's user behavior. This helps you create predictive reports for your players that can be used for boosting your revenue, promoting in-game items, and managing your in-game calendar.